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Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) Essentials for Programmers and Network Architects (v4.0) (NSO201)

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Section 1: Introducing Service Orchestration with Cisco NSO

  • Challenges of Network Management
  • Network Management without Cisco NSO
  • Network Management with Cisco NSO
  • Challenges of Network Orchestration
  • Addressing Management Challenges with Service Orchestration

Section 2: Exploring Cisco NSO Architecture

  • Cisco NSO Architecture
  • Cisco NSO Components
  • Cisco NSO and Ansible

Section 3: Orchestrating Network Solutions

  • Orchestration Use Cases Overview
  • Orchestration Use Case Examples

Section 4: Describing Cisco NSO Operation

  • NETCONF and YANG Overview
  • Cisco NSO Packages
  • Cisco NSO Mapping Logic
  • Network Element Drivers

Section 5: Installing Cisco NSO

  • Setup Overview
  • Cisco NSO Local Installation
  • Installing NEDs
  • Using Netsim Section 6: Exploring the Advantages of NETCONF
    • NETCONF Basics
    • NETCONF Operation
    Section 7: Managing Devices Using the Device Manager
    • Device Manager Overview
    • Device Configuration Management
    • Device Connection Management
    • Templates and Groups
    • Device Template Processing
    • Commit Queues
    Section 8: Creating YANG Models
    • YANG Basics
    • Other Representations of YANG
    • YANG Data Types
    • XPath Overview
    • Basic YANG Statements
    • Verify Yang Statements
    Section 9: Using Services
    • Package Architecture
    • Creating a Service Package
    • Sample Service Configuration
    • Service Template
    • YANG Service Model
    • Deploying a Service
    Section 10: Implementing Services with Model-to-Model Mapping
    • Mapping Service Parameters
    • Template Processing
    • NSO Transaction Model
    Section 11: Designing Services in Cisco NSO Service Design Overview Top-Down Service Design Bottom-Up Service Design Device Configuration Service Model Section 12: Managing the Service Lifecycle
    • Service Management Tasks
    • CDM Migration
    • Service Lifecycle Management Guidelines
    Section 13: Programming with Python in Cisco NSO
    • Cisco NSO Programmability Overview
    • Python Scripting
    • Python Service Skeleton
    • Creating a Service YANG Model
    • Creating a Service Template
    • Template Processing with Python
    Section 14: Configuring and Troubleshooting System Settings
    • System Configuration
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • System Troubleshooting
    Section 15: Discovering Cisco NSO Northbound APIs
    • NSO Integration Options
    • NETCONF Server
    • Web Integration
    • SNMP Agent
    Section 16: Managing Alarms and Reporting
    • Alarm Management
    • Reporting
    Section 17: Configuring Cisco NSO for Scalability and Performance
    • High Availability
    • High-Availability Cluster Communications
    • Addressing Performance Limitations
    • Layered Service Architecture
    Section 18: Describing Cisco NSO VNF Manager and Function Packs
    • Function Packs
    • Cisco SD-WAN Solution
    • NFV Orchestration
    • Reactive FastMap