PowerStore Implementation and Administration (PSIA) – Perfil

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Physical installation
  • Rack and stack PowerStore systems
  • Cable PowerStore systems
System initialization
  • Configure PowerStore ToR Ethernet switching
  • Run the PowerStore Initial Configuration Wizard (ICW)
  • License PowerStore systems
Deployment configuration
  • Configure PowerStore block, file and VMware storage resources
  • Configure host and client access to PowerStore storage resources
  • Configure PowerStore storage services
  • Perform storage resource administrative tasks
  • Perform administrative tasks on PowerStore storage services
  • Perform PowerStore Manager user management
  • Upgrade PowerStore software
  • Upgrade PowerStore hardware
  • Perform basic hardware troubleshooting
  • Evaluate PowerStore system status
  • Gather system log files
  • Access PowerStore system with SSH as service user