Cisco FirePOWER with Gigamon® Inline Deployment (GVFCFP) – Perfil

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Module 1: Security Design Concepts

  • Understanding Security Threats
  • Attack Evolution
  • Challenges in Detecting Threats
  • Security Architecture Fundamentals
  • Unified and Centralized Management
  • Threat-Centric Security Model
  • Multilayer Protection

Module 2: Gigamon Secure Delivery Platform

  • Architecture and Components
  • Deployment of inline Tools, Out-of-Band Tools, Redundancy, Asymmetric Routing
  • Using NetFlow (Metadata)
  • Cloud Security Architectures
    • VMware, OpenStack, AWS
    • Overview of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
  • Deployment Case Studies
    • Simple Inline Tool
    • Inline and Out-of-Band Tool
    • Redundancy
  • Introducing GigaSECURE

Module 3: Gigamon Deployment Architectures

  • Improving Network Security
  • Inline Bypass Overview
  • Inline Monitoring
  • GigaSMART Overview
  • GigaVUE-HC2 Product Overview
  • GigaVUE-VM Overview

Module 4: Introducing Cisco FirePOWER

  • Cisco FirePOWER Introduction
    • Deployment Options
    • Management Center
    • Inline Tools
    • IPS and DLP Sensors
    • Licencing
  • Deployment Scenarios
    • Physical network deployment with appliances
    • Adding a virtual device
    • Inline detection with virtual devices
    • Virtual FirePOWER Management Center
  • Cisco FirePOWER Operation and Configuration
  • Cisco FirePOWER Sensor Policies

Module 5: Cisco FirePOWER with Gigamon Inline Deployment

  • Solution Overview
  • Use Cases
  • Architectural Overview
    • Components and Version Compatibility
    • Network architecture
  • Cisco FirePOWER Configuration
  • GigaVUE-HC2 Configuration
  • Testing and Verification


  • Designing a security architecture with Gigamon solutions
  • Designing a security architecture with Cisco FirePOWER physical appliances
  • Designing a security architecture with Cisco FirePOWER virtual appliances
  • Cisco FirePOWER configuration for a joint inline deployment solution
  • Gigamon configuration for a joint inline deployment solution
  • Testing and verification of a joint inline deployment solution using Cisco FirePOWER and Gigamon