RTC Administration for SAFe Project Managers v6.0.5 (IBM Engineering Workflow Management) (ODC8060G) - Perfil

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Introduction to CLM• Collaboration across the lifecycle◦ The Rational solution for CLM ◦ CLM products, applications and capabilities ◦ Lifecycle projects ◦ Collaboration and work items ◦ Project dashboards ◦ Rich hovers and comments • Common planning◦ Real-time planning ◦ Release and iteration planning • Lifecycle traceability◦ Traceability relationships ◦ Linkages ◦ Gaps and managing impact • Rational reporting◦ Flow of information ◦ Report results Understanding Project Areas• Process templates◦ Template overview ◦ FPM template ◦ Scrum template • Project area elements◦ Terminology ◦ Project area architecture ◦ Project area elements ◦ Access control ◦ Process control ◦ Roles ◦ Team areas ◦ Work item categories ◦ Timelines and iterations • Setting up a project area◦ Adding members ◦ Managing a team area ◦ Assigning a process role to team members ◦ Sending invitations ◦ Creating work item categories Planning in Rational Team Concert• Planning overview◦ Two-level planning ◦ Agile planning • Creating a project timeline◦ Defining project timelines and iterations • Release planning◦ Considerations ◦ Initial planning ◦ Planning best practices ◦ Prioritizing requirements ◦ Initial scheduling ◦ Creating the initial backlog • Iteration planning◦ Iteration plans ◦ Creating the spring backlog ◦ Adding work items ◦ Iteration planning • Working with plans◦ Creating work items in the plan ◦ Managing plans ◦ Configuring plan data ◦ Plan editing • Managing work items◦ Work item types ◦ Creating useful work items ◦ Managing work items and plans • Reviewing progress◦ Monitoring progress ◦ Schedule view ◦ Taskboard view ◦ Tracking time and resource allocation ◦ Recent events ◦ Burndown tracking Managing Reports• Reports overview◦ Team reports ◦ Reports in the web client ◦ Reports in the team artifacts view ◦ Viewing a report ◦ Report resources ◦ Creating reports ◦ Formatting reports ◦ Publishing and importing reports ◦ Scrum report templates ◦ Editing report parameters • Configuring Dashboards◦ Dashboard overview ◦ Adding pages and widgets ◦ Configuring widgets ◦ Configuring dashboard templates