Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 (WB400G) – Perfil

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Course introductionIntroducing IBM Operational Decision ManagerExercise: Operational Decision Manager in actionDeveloping decision servicesExercise: Setting up decision servicesProgramming with business rulesDeveloping object modelsExercise: Working with the BOMExercise: RefactoringOrchestrating ruleset executionExercise: Working with ruleflowsAuthoring rulesExercise: Exploring action rulesExercise: Authoring action rulesExercise: Authoring decision tablesCustomizing rule vocabulary with categories and domainsExercise: Working with static domainsExercise: Working with dynamic domainsWorking with queriesExercise: Working with queriesDebugging rulesExercise: Executing rules locallyExercise: Debugging a rulesetEnabling tests and simulationsExercise: Enabling rule validationManaging deploymentExercise:  Managing deploymentExercise: Using Build Command to build RuleAppsExecuting rules with Rule Execution ServerExercise: Exploring the Rule Execution Server consoleAuditing and monitoring ruleset executionExercise: Auditing ruleset execution through Decision WarehouseWorking with the REST APIExercise: Executing rules as a hosted transparent decision service (HTDS)Introducing decision governanceCourse summary