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Cisco ASA Power Workshop: Firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN Features (ASAPW)


Quién debería asistir

  • Security administrators with the tasks of planning, implementation and maintenance of firewalls and VPN solutions.
  • Cisco want to expand their knowledge and customers who already have an ASA and consolidate.
  • Technical sales staff, consultants, and Cisco Channel implement partners who sell Cisco ASA Appliances, and wait.
  • Network security engineers (NSEs), involved in VPN design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Cisco customers, Cisco ASA (Adaptive security appliance)-based VPN solutions implement and wait.


  • Strong knowledge of network technology and operating systems (for example, CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA security) certification or equivalent knowledge, E.g. !CI-IINS

Objetivos del curso

This five-day power workshop combines the contents of the courses Cisco ASA Firewall Deployment (ASAFW) and Configuring Cisco ASA IPSec and SSL VPN Features (ASAVPN) and provides intensive training, up to 10 hours a day. In the light of the comprehensive course content, not the complete material of the courses ASAFW and ASAVPN can be treated. Participants can ask but appropriate to the course material that is not directly treated.

Classroom training

Duración 5 días


Por el momento no hay fechas programadas para este curso  Solicitud de fecha de entrenamiento