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Business Architecture Sales Support Workshop (BASSW)


Resumen del Curso

The morning will be mostly theory based with a focus on the fundamental concepts and principles of the Business Architecture methodology. The afternoon will maximise attendee engagement and interaction through case- studies and practical exercises along with accompanying presentations and discussions.


There are no specific pre-requisites for this training; although it might be beneficial to bring one or two live opportunities to the class to discuss, examine further and utilise in the afternoon practical exercises.

Objetivos del curso

  • Explain the role of the Cisco Business Architect within the customer journey.
  • Describe the phases of the Cisco Business Architecture methodology and the different customer maturity levels for engagement.
  • Explain how the business vision translates into business objectives to help determine business priorities, business capabilities, business solutions and business outcomes.
  • Describe the components of a business model.
  • Identify internal and external business influencers.
  • Identify relevant and potential audiences in a business architecture engagement.
  • Describe the different types of financial considerations for making investment decisions.
  • Explore the anatomy of a discounted cash-flow analysis.
  • How best to articulate business value and realize customer success.

Contenido del curso

The Cisco Business Architecture approach is a high-level methodology for enhancing the way that Cisco Partners do business with their customers and is aligned to the customer journey.

Business architecture is becoming more relevant across industries as companies digitise and digital disruption increases with investment decisions becoming increasingly more complex and the need to demonstrate tangible business value.

This sales support workshop provides the key learning and relevant tools for individuals who have the desire to become a practicing Cisco Business Architect and help Partner Plus Partners drive business and generate demand for Cisco’s business solutions.

The course initially discusses the key stages of a customer journey from business vision to business value realisation. It goes on to explore the Cisco business architecture methodology and the four pillars of skills and competencies. Additionally, specific knowledge will be covered about understanding the business, the audience, and applying credible financial acumen.

Using either a case-study or live opportunity, attendees will determine the customer’s business maturity level, recommend the appropriate type of engagement, and then apply specific business tools to help them gain relevant customer knowledge, research and analyse the customer needs and then effectively articulate to the customer their current state of capability and develop and verify their target state.

As such, delegates will learn how to take a deeper look into their customer’s business, create the link between strategy and technology and be able to apply new tools and a robust business architecture sales methodology.

The workshop has a clear business focus - to make Business Architects and their proposed solutions business- relevant.

Entrenamiento en línea

Duración 1 día

Precio (sin incluir impuestos)
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
  • Online Training: US$ 500,-
Classroom training

Duración 1 día

Precio (sin incluir impuestos)
  • Panama: US$ 500,-
  • Argentina: US$ 500,-
  • Brasil: US$ 500,-
  • Chile: US$ 500,-
  • Colombia: US$ 500,-
  • Costa Rica: US$ 500,-
  • México: US$ 500,-
  • Perú: US$ 500,-

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