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Accelerate your Customers Business with a Secure Data Centre (SDC)


Course Overview

The objective of this course is to teach delegates how to position and sell Cisco’s DC solutions and architecture such that they deliver positive business outcomes for any customer and consequently form the basis for business transformation and business growth

Course Objectives

  • Be able to articulate the value of a Cisco Secure DC in helping a customer reach their strategic business objectives.
  • Discuss the importance of selling Security and DC together to drive new opportunities
  • How to sell using ‘positive business outcomes’ rather than ‘negative scare tactics’
  • Use business outcomes to determine stakeholders, approach and value propositions
  • Understand Cisco’s unique value in the market and how to use it to defeat objections and the competition
  • Ensure a ‘business-first’ approach when selling and positioning Data Center security
Entrenamiento en línea

Duración 1 día

  • Consulta precio y disponibilidad
Classroom training

Duración 1 día

  • Consulta precio y disponibilidad

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