Dell VxRail Deploy Packet


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This package contains:

Classroom / virtual classroom | course duration: 3 days
This course presents VxRail installation and implementation procedures. It covers implementation planning, hardware installation, validation of the network environment, system initialization, post-deployment tasks, cluster expansion, and implementation troubleshooting. Hands-on labs, video demonstrations, and interactive simulations are included in the course to provide a step-by step walkthrough of the key installation and implementation procedures.

  • VxRail 7.0.XXX Concepts

on-demand | course duration: 1,5 hrs.
This course provides a technical overview of the VxRail system. It discusses the platform positioning, architecture, use cases, features, and management options for the solution. This course includes the software and hardware changes with the release of VxRail 7.0.XXX.

  • VxRail 7.0.XXX Feature - REST API

on-demand | course duration: 2 hrs.
This course introduces the VxRail 7.0.XXX API. It discusses VxRail API benefits, functionality, documentation, and the structure of the API requests. The course also includes interactive simulations demonstrating the use of the VxRail API to gather system information and to generate log bundles.

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