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Introduction to WebSphere eXtreme Scale 8.6


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This basic course is designed for independent software vendors, systems integrators, system administrators, architects, and developers who develop or architect solutions by using IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale.


You should have experience in administering web applications.

Descripción del Producto

This course provides an introduction to WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6. WebSphere eXtreme Scale operates as an in-memory data grid that dynamically manages application data and business logic across multiple servers. It provides architects and developers with a solution for addressing scalability and performance issues through advanced caching and grid technology.

The course covers the basic architecture of WebSphere eXtreme Scale and administrative concepts that are related to it. It begins with an overview of the WebSphere eXtreme Scale product and grid technology. You then learn how to install WebSphere eXtreme Scale, design a topology, and determine sizing requirements. You also learn how to offload HTTP sessions to WebSphere eXtreme Scale solutions, and use the WebSphere eXtreme Scale dynacache plugin for WebSphere.

Note: This self-study course contains lecture content only. It does not include any hands-on labs, recordings, or demonstrations.

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E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
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