Vertex Forecasting and Time Series in Practice (VFTSP)


Course Overview

This course is an introduction to building forecasting solutions with Google Cloud. You start with sequence models and time series foundations. You then walk through an end-to-end workflow: from data preparation to model development and deployment with Vertex AI. Finally, you learn the lessons and tips from a retail use case and apply the knowledge by building your own forecasting models.

Quem deve participar

Professional data analysts, data scientists, and ML engineers who want to build end-to-end high performance forecasting solutions on Google Cloud and add automation to the workflow.

Pré- requisitos

Having one or more of the following:

  • Basic knowledge of Python syntax
  • Basic understanding of machine learning models
  • Prior experience building machine learning solutions on Google Cloud

Objetivos do Curso

  • Understand the key concepts and the applications of a sequence model, time series, and forecasting.
  • Identify the options to develop a forecasting model on Google Cloud.
  • Describe the end-to-end workflow to develop a forecasting model by using Vertex AI.
  • Prepare data (including ingestion and feature engineering) by using BigQuery and Vertex managed datasets.
  • Train a forecasting model and evaluate the performance by using AutoML.
  • Deploy and monitor a forecasting model by using Vertex AI Pipelines.
  • Build a forecasting solution from end-to-end using a retail dataset.

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