The SIP School Training

The Session Initiation Protocol (or SIP) has taken over the world of Telecommunications and can be found in VoIP telephones, IP based PBX systems, SIP telephone lines and now even Cloud based Unified Communication solutions. It’s everywhere yet it’s also a protocol that needs to be taken seriously and understood well in order for its full potential to be reached.

The SIP School has programs that will benefit the technical person who needs to Design, Install and even Support SIP solutions and services as well as the Sales and Marketing person that needs to make a SIP service attractive to customers and then go out and sell it. If you are new to the world of Data networking and Voice over IP then there is the Networking 4 VoIP foundation program that will get you started the right way.

The programs are listed here and for more detail along with online demos and course outlines please contact us

Training program outlines

SIP School Certified Associate – SSCA®

SIP training starts with the basics of SIP messaging and SIP Servers and moves on right through SIP Security, Firewalls, NAT, Testing & Troubleshooting, SIP Trunking, Enum, SIP in Unified Communications and finally SIP and Fax over IP.

Becoming a ‘SIP School Certified Associate’ or SSCA® proves to the world that you both understand the protocol called SIP and can work in the ever evolving world of Voice over IP. The SSCA® and associated courses are officially endorsed by many industry organizations and companies, including the Telecommunications Industry Association.

Passing the SSCA® Certification is also worth 16 CEC credits towards a Bicsi Certification

SIP Communications for Sales and Marketing Professionals - SSMP™

To effectively participate in the Unified Communications, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking boom, sales and marketing professionals need to understand the opportunities and techniques required to succeed.

This lively, clear and fully animated eLearning program has become the only place to learn about SIP and SIP Communication services prepared exclusively with the sales and marketing professional in mind.

This training is designed to suit anyone involved with the marketing or sales of UC, Hosted PBX and/or SIP trunking such as: Manufacturers of IP PBX and IP Phone equipment, SIP security manufacturers, SIP Trunk/Hosted PBX service providers and Carriers, Networking Design specialists, Sales and Management personnel working with VoIP equipment and services.

SIP School VVoIP Professional SSVVP™

This course will give delegates a good understanding of LANs, WANs and VVoIP (Voice and Video over IP). It is aimed at those who want to move into the world of VVoIP and require a solid foundation before attending any other manufacturers IP based equipment (Phone/PX/SBC etc.) courses, and ideal for those with a Data networking background who need to make a successful transition from TDM to VoIP.

The SSVVP™ exam is associated with the Networking 4 VVoIP training course and is worth 9 CEC Credits towards a Bicsi certification


WebRTC School

WebRTC, which is also known as Web Real-Time-Communications, has two programs on offer: - the WebRTC Integrator and the WebRTC Developer.

WSQDWebRTC Developer Training inc. online test U$D225.00
WSQD & WSQI package including all training and tests U$D382.50

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WebRTC Integrator training + on-line WSQI™ certification test

For those needing to understand the underlying infrastructure that helps to make the WebRTC ‘magic’ happen - covering protocols, media flows, signalling, NAT traversal techniques and security plus various use case scenarios this program can be taken as a standalone course or used to complement the Developer program

WebRTC School Qualified Developer (WSQD™)

The Developer program is ideal for those looking to understand WebRTC but with a special focus on learning how to build WebRTC applications.

Pricing for the online certification tests only:

  • SSCA U$D100
  • SSVVP U$D 75
  • WSQD U$D 75
  • WSQI U$D 75

SIP is still quite new and a lot of people will need to learn all about Data networking to make a successful transition from TDM to Voice and Video over IP. This course covers all you need to get started and is a great foundation for the SSCA® SIP certification program. It also includes a section on IPv6, the next generation of networking.

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