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Statistical Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics (V25) (0G51AG)

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Introduction to statistical analysis• Identify the steps in the research process• Principles of statistical analysisExamine individual variables• Identify measurement levels• Chart individual variables• Summarize individual variables• Examine the normal distribution• Examine standardized scoresTest hypotheses about individual variables• Identify population parameters and sample statistics• Examine the distribution of the sample mean• Determine the sample size• Test a hypothesis on the population mean• Construct a confidence interval for the population mean• Tests on a single variable: One-Sample T Test, Paired-Samples T Test, and Binomial TestTest the relationship between categorical variables• Chart the relationship between two categorical variables• Describe the relationship: Compare percentages in Crosstabs• Test the relationship: The Chi-Square test in Crosstabs• Assumptions of the Chi-Square test• Pairwise compare column proportions• Measure the strength of the associationTest on the difference between two group means• Compare the Independent-Samples T Test to the Paired-Samples T Test• Chart the relationship between the group variable and scale variable• Describe the relationship: Compare group means• Test on the difference between two group means: Independent-Samples T Test• Assumptions of the Independent-Samples T TestTest on differences between more than two group means• Describe the relationship: Compare group means• Test the hypothesis of equal group means: One-Way ANOVA• Assumptions of One-Way ANOVA• Identify differences between group means: Post-hoc testsTest the relationship between scale variables• Chart the relationship between two scale variables• Describe the relationship: Correlation• Test on the correlation• Assumptions for testing on the correlation• Treatment of missing valuesPredict a scale variable: Regression• What is linear regression?• Explain unstandardized and standardized coefficients• Assess the fit of the model: R Square• Examine residuals• Include 0-1 independent variables• Include categorical independent variablesIntroduction to Bayesian statistics• Bayesian statistics versus classical test theory• Explain the Bayesian approach• Evaluate a null hypothesis: Bayes Factor• Bayesian procedures in IBM SPSS StatisticsOverview of multivariate procedures• Overview of supervised models• Overview of models to create natural groupings