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System Administration 4.1 (SA)


Quién debería asistir

  • Network Operations
  • Development Operations
  • Network Security
  • Students preparing for Application Courses


  • OSI reference model
  • Network topology and administration
  • An industry standard switching and routing CLI

Objetivos del curso

From a set of three blank ACOS devices, students build a system deployment with these attributes:

  • Layer 2 –3 environment including VLANs, and IP routing
  • Device cluster environment with a single management point
  • High availability with multiple active devices
  • Multi-tenant environment with limited-scope administration

Remote authentication and authorization Students also use device tools that monitor, diagnose, and restore the system configuration.

Contenido del curso

Instructs Network Operators and System Administrators for deploying A10 ACOS devices in data center environments in preparation for additional application-oriented implementation. Provides the necessary foundation for teams continuing onto ACOS application courses.

Classroom training

Duración 1 día


Por el momento no hay fechas programadas para este curso  Solicitud de fecha de entrenamiento