Avamar Administration (AVAM635)


Course Overview

This course explains and demonstrates configuration and use of Avamar. Students learn how to configure Avamar for operation; how to create and manage user accounts; how to configure and initiate backup and restore of data; and how to monitor Avamar operation.

Who should attend

This course is intended for system administrators, system engineers, partners, and support specialists who administer and support Dell EMC Avamar


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have knowledge on the backup and recovery concepts and principles.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the Avamar solution, its components, and processes
  • Perform Avamar administrative tasks using various interfaces
  • Run scheduled and on-demand backups for a variety of systems
  • Restore files using AUI and Avamar Client interfaces.
  • Describe and configure Avamar replication
  • Describe and configure Cloud Tier
  • Describe Avamar server daily maintenance activities
  • Use Avamar tools to perform system monitoring, maintenance, capacity management, and troubleshooting

Course Content

Avamar Concepts

• Avamar Introduction

  • Backup Challenges
  • Avamar Solution
  • Key Avamar Features
  • Systematic Fault Tolerance
  • Avamar Terminology
  • Data Deduplication and Granularity
  • Avamar Deduplication Backup Process
  • Data Object Storage
  • Backup Data Storage Organization
  • Avamar Support for Virtual Machines
  • Avamar in Integrated Data Protection Appliance
  • Avamar and Data Domain Integration
  • Avamar NDMP Integration
  • Avamar in Distributed Enterprises
  • Avamar Architecture
  • System Components
  • Avamar Server Editions
  • Avamar Data Store Specification
  • Server Node Types and Configuration

• Avamar Capabilities

  • Administration and Management Interfaces
  • Backup Clients
  • Backup Policy
  • Customizing Policies
  • Avamar Backup
  • Avamar Restore
  • Avamar Encryption
  • Avamar Replication
  • Replication Types
  • Avamar Cloud Tier
  • Avamar Licensing
Avamar Administration

• Avamar Overview

  • Avamar Administration Tools
  • Connection Limits
  • Avamar Server Process – Notification and Reporting
  • Avamar Client Process
  • Avamar Backup Process Flow
  • Client-Server Data Port Usage and Firewall Requirements
  • Avamar Integration with Data Domain - Required Ports
  • Avamar Data Deduplication Workflow
  • More About Sticky Byte Factoring
  • More About Compression
  • Client Cache Files and the Backup Process
  • SHA-1 Hashing
  • Avamar and Data Domain Integration
  • Avamar Cloud Tier
  • Data Protection Advisor (DPA) with Avamar
  • Search with Avamar
  • Exporting Avamar Data to Tape
  • Backing Up Databases versus File System Data
  • Avamar Database Clients
  • Avamar – Database Backup Options

• AUI Overview

  • Introduction to AUI
  • AUI Navigation Pane
  • AUI Dashboard

• Installing Avamar Backup Client Software

  • Avamar Backup Client Software
  • Verify Avamar Client System Requirements
  • Installing Avamar Windows Client Software
  • Windows Client Software Plug-ins
  • Installing Multiple Desktops and Laptops
  • Launching Avamar Windows Client Interface
  • Avamar Client Processes and Services (Windows)
  • Avamar Client Directory Structure

• Account Management

  • Avamar Domain
  • Avamar Users
  • Avamar Authentication
  • AUI Domain Tree Structure
  • Account Management Tasks
  • Managing Directory Services
  • Registering Avamar Clients
  • Account Management for Clients
  • Using the MCCLI Command
  • Best Practices: Domains, Users, and Clients
  • Adding a Data Domain System Using AUI

• Using Client Manager

  • Avamar Client Manager
  • Managing Clients
  • Activating Clients

• Avamar Backups

  • Scheduled Backups
  • On-Demand Backups
  • Avamar Desktop/Laptop
  • Managing and Monitoring Backup Activity

• Performing Restores

  • Restoring Client Data
  • Client Server Recovery with Avamar

• Avamar Replication
• Cloud Tier
• System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Avamar Server Environment
  • Daily System Monitoring Tasks
  • Daily Avamar Server Maintenance Activities
  • Managing Avamar Server Capacity

• Logs, Troubleshooting, and Reporting

  • Avamar Processes and Logs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Avamar Reports and Fitness Analyzer

Precios & Delivery methods

Entrenamiento en línea

4 días

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