PowerScale Administration (ISIAM)


Course Overview

The PowerScale Administration course prepares students to perform Dell EMC PowerScale cluster and OneFS 9.0 implementation, configuration, and administration. Topics include and overview of hardware, the configuration and verification of basic and advanced networking, authentication, identity management and authorization, client and data access, data layout, and OneFS modules such as SmartPools, SnapshotIQ, SyncIQ, SmartDedup, and others. This training consists of 8 modules. The total time required to complete this course and the accompanying lab exercises is approximately 5 days. This course is an update to the Isilon Administration and Management course

Who should attend

This course is intended for Dell Technologies partner and customer personnel involved with the administration of PowerScale solutions.


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The student must understand:

  • PowerScale Concepts (Course ID: ES131STG01028)
  • PowerScale Implementation
  • Networking fundamentals such as TCP/IP, DNS and routing

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the PowerScale cluster architecture
  • Explain the building blocks of a PowerScale cluster and different types of access to the cluster
  • Navigate the details of client and file access
  • Configure OneFS features
  • Utilize the tools to perform cluster monitoring

Course Content

Module 1 – NAS, PowerScale, and OneFS NAS
  • PowerScale Hardware
  • OneFS Management Interfaces
  • Common Cluster Operations
  • OneFS Directory Structure
Module 2 – Networking
  • Authentication Providers
  • Access Zones
  • Groupnets
  • Subnets – SmartConnect Zones
  • IP Address Pools
Module 3 – Configuring Identity Management and Authorization
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • User Identity Management
  • Authorization
Module 4 – Configuring Client Access to Data
  • OneFS Caching
  • Configuring SMB Shares
  • Configuring NFS Exports
  • Configuring S3 Buckets
Module 5 – Foundations of Data Protection and Layout
  • File Striping
  • Data Protection
  • Protection Management
  • Data Layout
Module 6 – Configuring Storage Pools
  • Storage Pools
  • File Pools
  • SmartPools
  • CloudPools
Module 7 – Configuring Data Services
  • File Filtering
  • SmartQuotas
  • Deduplication (SmartDedupe)
  • SnapshotIQ
  • SyncIQ
  • SmartLock
Module 8 – Monitoring Tools
  • PowerScale HealthCheck
  • DataIQv1
  • InsightIQ
  • isi statistics

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Entrenamiento en línea

5 días

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Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Sao_Paulo Este curso será presentado por un socio Inscripción
Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Sao_Paulo Este curso será presentado por un socio Inscripción