Master Class: Microsoft SQL Server 2022 (SQLS22MC)


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The primary target group is administrators who want to install, administer and operate Microsoft SQL Server 2022 in their company.

This course is also suitable for developers who create applications based on MS SQL Server 2022.


Knowledge in the following areas is desirable:

  • Basic understanding of administrative tasks
  • Basic knowledge of relational databases
  • Basic knowledge of the TSQL language

Contenido del curso

Overview of MS SQL Server 2022 components
Installation and configuration of MS SQL Server 2022
  • Overview of the installation requirements
  • Installing SQL Server 2022 online and unattended
  • Best practice configuration of MS SQL Server 2022
Creating databases
  • Creating and customizing SQL Server databases from a performance and scaling perspective
  • Partitioning databases
  • Implementing Stretch Database
Security of SQL Server 2022
  • Create and manage logins, users
  • Creating server and database roles
  • Working with schemas
  • Assigning permissions
Backing up and restoring SQL databases
  • Getting to know the different backup types
  • Creating a backup concept
Setting up maintenance tasks
  • Introduction to indexes (clustered, non-clustered, columnstore index)
  • Maintenance strategies for indexes, statistics and database shrinking
  • Defining maintenance plans
  • Managing maintenance tasks in the SSIS DB
Automation of SQL Server 2022
  • Creating jobs and warnings
  • Defining proxies
  • Automation monitoring
Troubleshooting SQL Server 2022
  • Reasons of performance bottlenecks
  • Getting to know the tools performance monitoring, profiler, extended events, database optimization advisor, data collector, query store, performance dashboard
  • Strategic analysis and troubleshooting of performance bottlenecks
  • Auto tuning of the SQL server
Introduction to hybrid SQL server operation with the cloud

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Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Costa_Rica Inscripción