Master Class: Windows 10 Secure Deployment (W10SD)


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This course is aimed at experienced system administrators, consultants and Active Directory designers. After this seminar, you will be able to roll out Windows 10 in the company and administer it professionally.

Objetivos del curso

In this Windows 10 power workshop, you will learn and learn all the knowledge you need to deploy Windows 10 in your environment quickly and in a targeted manner.

From full touch to lite touch to zero touch - at the request of the participants. The different versions and especially the LTSB version are closely examined. In addition, the configuration via MDT and ADK are carefully examined, thereby providing a basic configuration in advance. Then it is about the management of the client system via group policies and central requirements, among other things. also enforce data protection. (Turn off telemetry data, secure data protection configuration, etc.) Following on from this, the subject of security is examined centrally and deeply: from pass-the-hash to credential guard to device guard and remote credential guard, by just to address some issues.

The aim of this five-day seminar is to bring Windows 10 so close that you can practically "juggle" with the new operating system and successfully implement this new operating system in your environment.

The topic of deploying Windows 10 as a highly secure client is one of the central approaches here. And: Can't you or your customers not buy the LTSB / LTSC version? We'll show you how to use 30 Group Policy to configure a Windows 10 Pro version to match an LTSB version. And: After completing this course, you can take these group guidelines with you as an export and use them directly.

This course has been developed since the Windows 10 beta and is constantly evolving to match the current versions of Windows 10. In particular, the experiences of our customers flow into this course again and again.

After attending this course, you will have no (!) Questions about Windows 10 - I promise!

Contenido del curso

In this workshop you will learn how to install, configure and integrate Windows 10 into company networks. Particular attention is paid to the advantages of Windows 10 in terms of security, group policies and operation in Active Directory domains. The focus is also on the use of LTSB / LTSC versions and the update options of the different versions.

The topic of security is examined in depth here so that the rolled-out Windows 10 clients enjoy current security standards and also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, 2018.

We promise: Our best know-how for you and your daily work of our most experienced trainers and consultants.

Training environment: Hyper-V is used in the training environment. For the proactive construction of the training environment, we use a powershell script with which you can create new virtual machines in seconds. The script was developed by your trainer yourself and enables the training to be set up at the customer's request with extreme speed and with little effort. Hardware: Each participant has a dedicated server in a data center with a total of 1 Gbit connection to the Internet. Each participant server is equipped as follows:

128 GB RAM at least 20 vCores 2 NVME SSDs with at least 3,000 MB / s writing and at least 2,000 MB / s reading 1 Gbit internet total bandwidth Your trainer Andy Wendel has been a trainer with deep experience in Active Directory, Group Policy, WSUS, HyperV and the System Center Suite for over 20 years. In addition to his work as a senior cloud architect & consultant in large data centers, Andy Wendel was also at Microsoft in Redmond to troubleshoot storage spaces for a large data center operator. Andy Wendel is MCLC (one of 46 worldwide), as well as MCSE and MCT.

In 2016, Andy Wendel acquired it through Paula Januszkiewicz (one of the top 20 security experts worldwide) Certified Security Master Specilization: Advanced Windows Security 2017.

Only 100 participants worldwide were admitted to this course and only 4 German participants also passed the exam. Andy Wendel graduated with honors.

The exam was passed again in 2018 and passed: Certified Security Master Specilization: Advanced Windows Security 2018.

The exam was passed again in 2019 and passed: Certified Security Master Specilization: Advanced Windows Security 2019.

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