IoT Customer Engagement Workshop (IOT-CE-WS)


Resumen del Curso

Enterprise customers are driving demand for IoT solutions that impact their current businesses, but designing and deploying multi-vendor IOT solutions is not an easy task, given different sales cycles, new buyer types and more complex ROI models. Let us help you accelerate your customer’s IoT implementation from gathering of requirements and desired business outcomes to solution design, prototyping and deployment.

Our workshop provides a practical, consultative, visually-engaging and user friendly approach to identify and address your customer’s business challenges. During this workshop we will identify, prioritize and model your customer’s leading use cases, enabling you and your customer to identify applicable solutions, business outcomes and next steps. Fast Lane serves as a strategic advisor, augmenting your engagement team.

Key benefits:
  • Low cost business consulting engagement
  • Quick development of an end-to-end solution
  • Expert-lead innovation
  • Customized roadmap including clearly defined milestones


Prior to the workshop, the customer completes a pre-workshop package. All relevant stakeholders within your customer’s organization are asked to map out your customer’s current situation as well as strategic intention(s) and desired business outcomes.

Contenido del curso

Days 1 & 2 – Discovery Sessions

Discovery and preparation sessions are usually conducted online. Using the completed preparation packages, the goal is to understand and document your customer’s existing business model, stakeholder care-abouts, current technology / business initiatives and desired business outcomes.

Day 3, 4 and 5 – Workshop with all relevant stakeholders

The workshop itself is delivered in-person at your customer’s or your premises.

Day 3 – Identifying and validating your customer’s relevant pains and needs

Our consultants will walk your customer’s stakeholders through a number of collaborative sessions to validate your customer’s business model and value chain. This validation serves as the basis for identifying critical pains and needs that are addressable by your solution. At the end of day 3 all stakeholders will have an aligned understanding of the company’s current pains, resulting needs and desired business outcomes.

Key objectives are:

  • Validation of business model and value chain
  • Identifying critical pains and needs
Day 4 – Building the business case for your solution

Our consultants will align your customer’s requirements to your solution(s) using an interactive process which demonstrates how your solution(s) alleviate your customer’s pain points and are creating essential gains your customer cares about. Your customer is paced through the viability and feasibility of the proposed solution(s), leading to a high level design that can be tested against the requirements of the customer and will be used as the basis for a rapid prototyping of the solution(s).

Key objectives are:

  • Prioritization of use cases addressing your customer’s critical pains and needs
  • Gain insights into how relevant solution(s) have an impact on your customer’s business model and business outcomes
  • Advise on how to design and prototype a multi-vendor solution
  • Apply a rigorous testing methodology to ensure viability and feasibility of the proposed solution(s)
Day 5 – Value proposition and action plan

Our consultants will work with your team to craft and present the value proposition of your solution and come up with an action plan for deploying / prototyping the proposed solution(s). This involves roughly a day of shared effort between your customer’s stakeholders, your team and our consultants.

Key objectives are:

  • Summarizing your customer’s pains and needs
  • Demonstrating the value of your solution, aligning it to your customer’s desired business outcomes
  • Suggesting an action plan providing guidance on the deployment / prototyping of the solution

Precios & Delivery methods

Entrenamiento en línea

5 días

  • Consulta precio y disponibilidad
Classroom training

5 días

  • Consulta precio y disponibilidad


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