Workshop Migration to Exchange Server 2016/2019 and System Administration (MES16-19AS)


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This workshop is aimed at Exchange administrators who are faced with the requirement to migrate their existing Exchange 2010/2013 environment to Exchange 2016 and who want to use this workshop in advance to get to know and carry out all the necessary steps of a migration in practice. In addition, the workshop conveys the know-how for the efficient administration and setup of an Exchange 2016 environment. The innovations of Exchange 2019 are also presented and evaluated.

Contenido del curso

Part 1: Migration (2 days) An existing preconfigured Exchange 2010/2013 environment will be updated to Exchange 2016. In detail:

  • Requirements for using Exchange 2016
  • Active Directory update
  • Installation of Exchange 2016 in the existing 2010 environment
  • Change of client access to Exchange 2016
  • Configuration of autodiscover
  • Setting up the virtual directories
  • X.509 certificates for Exchange
  • Change of mail routing
  • Mailbox migration
  • Public folder migration
  • Removal of the old server
  • Final testing

Part 2: Administration of an Exchange 2016/2019 environment (3 days)

  • Overview of administration tools
  • Management of recipient objects
  • Mailbox role management (Exchange as database server)
  • Transport and journal rules
  • Address guidelines and address lists
  • Management of the client access role (Exchange as HTTPS, POP3 and IMAP4 server)
  • Use of mobile devices
  • The exact functionality of Autodiscover and the corresponding configuration
  • The importance of X.509 certificates for Exchange
  • Setup options for a secure internet connection
  • Management of the hub transport role (Exchange as SMTP server with its connectors)
  • Public folder management
  • High availability for Exchange
  • Reliability for databases
  • Reliability and load balancing for client access
  • Reliability in mail routing
  • Exchange backup and restore
  • Exchange disaster recovery opportunities
  • Exchange archiving options
  • Prevention of loss of sensitive data
  • Global search and archive in Exchange 2016
  • Exchange 2016 permissions model
  • Monitoring and maintenance of Exchange 2016
  • What's new in Exchange 2019
  • Installation on server core
  • Use of SSDs for fast caching
  • Search index improvements
  • Use of up to 256GB RAM for caching
  • New hybrid tools (Organization Configuration Transfer - OCT and Hybrid Config Agent)
  • Classification of Exchange 2019

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