Davra IoT Enablement

Davra is a global leader in the Industrial IoT Application Enablement Platform with strategic partnerships with companies like Cisco and Intel. Fast Lane, Davra’s exclusive worldwide training partner offers important courses for both Davra’s customers and partners.

Our Davra courses add to our expanding portfolio of IoT technical and solutions training and represent an important step in enabling a digital business to grow in some valuable verticals like transportation, oil and gas and security to name a few.

Further information about our worldwide cooperation with Davra Networks

Davra Sales Enablement Training

To help Davra partners maximize their return on investment in their partnership with Davra, we offer two Sales Enablement courses that support Account Managers (AMs) and Sales Engineers (SEs). These courses are also part of the preparation recommended for the Davra certifications for AMs and SEs.

Davra Design & Implementation Training

Fast Lane offers two new Davra certification courses on designing and developing solutions using Davra’s IoT Platform. Both feature real world hands-on labs and are delivered by certified Davra Instructors.