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Designing Davra IoT Solutions (DDIS)


Quién debería asistir

  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Designers
  • Engineers

Objetivos del curso

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Architectural Framework for the Davra IoT Stack
  • Requirements Engineering including Use Case Definition within the following verticals:
    • Fleet Management
    • Connected Transit
    • Remote Asset Monitoring
    • First Responder Services
    • Safety and Security
  • Determine Business Outcomes leveraging the Davra IoT Stack
  • Deep Dive into the Davra IoT Stack
    • Device Layer including Sensors
    • Communications Layer – Selection of Protocols
    • Core Platform Layer which encompasses Protocol Gateway & IoT Messaging Middleware
    • Analytics Platform Layer which provides APIs/SDKs, events and reporting insights
    • IoT Security and Management
    • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Options
  • Comprehensive Hands-on labs

Contenido del curso

This Certification course provides Solution Architects, Technical Designers and Engineers with comprehensive knowledge in designing Davra IoT-based solutions. DDIS offers in-depth coverage of the Davra IoT Solution Architecture, including an understanding of key components, requirements and validated design options for Private (Customer premise-based), Public and Hybrid Cloud deployments.

Entrenamiento en línea

Duración 5 días

Classroom training

Duración 5 días

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    US$ 5.150,-
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  • Chile:
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  • Colombia:
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  • Costa Rica:
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  • México:
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  • Perú:
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